Pathan Movie Bundle of Stolen Stories

“Pathan” is the latest release from Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, and it is a film that is sure to disappoint his fans. Despite the hype surrounding the film, it falls short in nearly every aspect. After watching Pathan movie some questions are raised here in Pathan movie review

Pathan movie stole scenes from other movies?

First, let’s talk about the story. There is a problem with the plot of Pathan Movie itself, from beginning to end the plot of Pathan has been created by stealing the story of many old superhit action films of Hollywood and Bollywood. If you have seen those superhit films, then you will be able to recognize many scenes of Pathan from which film that scene has been stolen.

The script is poorly written, with clunky dialogue and a lack of character development. The pacing is also off, with the film dragging on for far too long.

You can read the names of some of these films here…

  1. Tom Cruise Starrer ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’        –  2018
  2. Salman Khan Starrer ‘Tiger series Films’                       –  2012, 2017
  3. Milind Soman Starrer ’16th December’                          – 2002

Pathan Movie Funded by ISI ?

Not only in India, everyone knows about ISI in the whole world that it is a notorious organization for spreading terrorism and supporting terrorists.

But be it Salman Khan’s Tiger series or Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan, looking at these films, it seems that perhaps ISI gives some huge fund to the producer, director, actor and story writer of these films to improve the image of ISI….

Pathan’s story trite and plagiarized

The action sequences, which are supposed to be the film’s main selling point, are also underwhelming. The choreography is poorly executed, and the special effects are cheap and unconvincing. Many of the stunts are also clearly performed by stunt doubles, rather than Khan himself.

The performances in the film are also lacking. Khan, who is usually a reliable and charismatic actor, is wooden and unengaging in his role as Pathan. The supporting cast, which includes Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, are similarly unimpressive. The chemistry between the actors is non-existent, and their performances feel forced and unnatural.

The film is also visually unappealing. The cinematography is dull and uninspired, and the editing is choppy and disjointed. The special effects, as previously mentioned, are cheap and unconvincing.

Big Question on Pathan Film and Hijab

If we move away from the subject a little bit, be it Salman’s Tiger series or Shahrukh’s Pathan, one particular thing can be debated in these…

On the one hand, where big agitations are being held in India regarding Hijab/Burqa, the matter has reached the Supreme Court. After the arrival of the Taliban, restrictions have been imposed on the freedom of women in Afghanistan. Hijab/burqa is compulsory in Pakistan too.

Then, in view of such circumstances, on what basis in these films are the agents of fanatical religious minded organizations like Pakistan’s ISI shown in half-naked clothes and roaming around half-naked even in Taliban-minded countries like Afghanistan…..

And the biggest surprise on this is that the religious people giving big arguments in favor of Hijab/Burqa in India watch these movies with pleasure instead of raising any voice on it…..


Overall, “Pathan” is a major disappointment. It fails to deliver on its promise of thrilling action and instead offers a poorly written and executed film. Shah Rukh Khan’s fans may be disappointed with this film, it’s a waste of time and money for any movie-goer. It’s a film that will likely be forgotten in the coming weeks.

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